23 Days Left and Counting!

As of today there are only 23 days left until my college classes start and 24 before Kidlet starts 9th grade (WTH?) and I am starting to freak out a little bit. I have not purchased any school supplies for either of us but, today I did go through the box of supplies I bought back in January for my first semester and pulled out for me; spiral notebooks (1 3 subject & 4 1 subject), planner, highlighters & pens. For Kidlet planner, pencil box, highlighters, pens, regular pencils, composition notebook & 3 1 subject spiral notebooks.

So, as of right now I know I need to buy a ton of poly pocket folders for us both & wide ruled notebook paper and mechanical pencils for Kidlet. Until she goes to all of her classes I won't get any supply lists so basically the district makes us scramble to get supplies in like 2 days which is insane.

Next week I will be doing the back to school clothes shopping and I've been keeping my eyes open for good deals in the mean time. The only things that I really need to get Kidlet are jeans (since seriously none fit from last year), a few shirts, sneakers and a backpack or a tote.

So what's back to school like in your house?


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