4 Months Later …

Yet again I have been noticeably absent on my blog due to my busy life so I think I chose the perfect domain name for me! At the end of January I started my final semester at my local community college taking a full load of 6 courses and 18 credit hours. Due to the crazy workload I chose I pretty much slacked off with everything online and offline stuff such as my Project Life Album.

By the end of March I needed a break from all the pressure of my daily life & I booked a trip to see Jenn┬áduring my spring break in April. I had an awesome time but, as usual, I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time there. Since I have been home I have been running around trying to complete my 6 courses, register for one summer course, applying for early graduation, registering for the fall semester at a local state college to get my bachelors degree.

I was told that I had to update (I love you anyway Jenn!) so I added a new layout and am going to attempt to blog at least once per week from now until the end of summer so we will see how this goes!

For now I will leave you with a few of my favorite pictures that I have taken (or been in) since January

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I am a widow, mom, and college graduate in her mid-thirties looking for a simpler life since my nest has become empty. I love reading smutty romance novels on my Kindle, have a Netflix & Hulu addiction and am a self-confessed cat lady.

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