This site was created on October 17th, 2015 after spending most of the year obsessed with the thought of Tiny House living. The more I research tiny houses the more I think that this living situation would be ideal for me. Currently, I am in my mid-thirties, a widow, an empty nester with my daughter off to college.

As you can tell, I was a young Mom so I have never really “adulted” without a child to care for or someone to live with. As my daughter has gotten older, and more independent, I have developed a tendency to “haunt” (wander around aimlessly) our last apartment when I am home alone. So, I think that downsizing to a tiny house would prevent me from “haunting” my living space.

I graduated college last year with a ton of debt and am gaining more by paying for my child’s education. I originally wanted to either build or purchase a partially / completely built tiny house in order to afford paying off my loan in a much shorter timeframe, purchase a second hand car, have the ability to send money to my daughter, and eventually buy my own plot of land to park my tiny house on. Moving to Kentucky has actually changed what I see for my future.

After settling into a two bedroom apartment that I thought I was going to “haunt” I discovered that I still need more room than I can get in a tiny house. In addition to the affordability of living here my goal is now to purchase a small house in a more residential area of the city.