Baby Shower Planning and Participation

Apparently, August is a very popular month to have a baby shower around here! I am going to two next month and helping with planning to a slight degree for one of them. The first baby shower is for the sister of my best friend who is having her second child (a boy) many years after having her first. The second baby shower is for a woman that I went to high school with and is my cousin’s daughter’s godmother who has long anticipated having her first baby (a girl).

When I had my daughter a million years ago I was thrown a small surprise baby shower by my then soon to be mother-in-law. It was basically just her, her mother-in-law, my fiance, his sister, my mother, my grandmother and my best friend. Yes, there were decorations, tons of food and cake along with presents but, there were no games. Honestly, while I was appreciative I was upset my other family and friends were not invited so I want to make sure that my best friend’s sister has the experience that she wants especially since it is not a surprise for her.

Over the past week I have been helping my best friend research places to rent tables & chairs, sorting out games to play and deciding on what I can give as a gift and/or provide to help the shower. With the power of Pinterest I have decided to get crafty! I’ve found instructions to make a diaper cake, a bunch of cute games, ideas to record memories along with great gift ideas (you can find my favorite ideas below).

For the other baby shower that I am attending I plan on creating a few personalized gifts for the nursery along with a bathing care package. I think the idea of a baby bathtub filled with the bathing necessities will be very useful to the new parents and tends to be my go to gift.

Baby Shower Pinspiration

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