Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Litter Review

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Cat Litter

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Cat Litter

Odor Control


    Ease of Use





        • Light weight.
        • Easy open packaging.


        • Strong fragrance.
        • Clumps do not hold together well.
        • Hard to scoop due to fineness.

        Litter is a standard staple product for most cat owners that is purchased frequently (unless you have all outdoor cats that is). Things have changed since I had a cat last so I did not think the style or brand of litter was very important … boy was I ever wrong! I am one of those people who scoop the litter box daily, add more litter weekly and change the box completely every three to four weeks. I needed to buy more litter when I was at Rite Aid for a few things already so I grabbed some lightweight litter to carry home and I was off.

        Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Litter

        Using Cat’s Pride Litter

        As soon as I got home I dumped the old litter, cleaned the box & filled it up with the Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light. When I opened the litter jug I was hit with the strong floral fragrance and I wondered if it would be too much for my dainty cat in a covered cat box but, figured it would work out.

        Later that evening I went to clean the litter box for the first time and that is where all the trouble began. I began scooping but quickly realized that the litter is super fine and while it is easy to scoop though it did not clump well at all. Most of the clumps just fell apart while I was scooping leaving tiny clumps that could not be caught in the litter scoop. I also noticed that the damp clumps leached whatever coloring is used in the litter onto the scoop so that cannot be good for an animal. About one minute into the scooping my eyes started to water, my nose started running and a sneezing attack began. I just figured that it was the strong fragrance and it should not be a big deal WRONG! Less than a minute later I started itching, my hands / forearms that came into contact with the litter dust started getting blotchy, angry red and I wanted to dig my skin. Basically, I am allergic to something in Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light litter. So I had to immediately purchase another brand of litter and dump the Cat’s Pride stuff which was a big waste of money. Based on this experience I know that I will never purchase Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light again and I am hesitant to ever try other styles of litter from the same company.


        This is an honest review on a product that I paid for and was not compensated for. This post contains affiliate links.

        I am a widow, mom, and college graduate in her mid-thirties looking for a simpler life since my nest has become empty. I love reading smutty romance novels on my Kindle, have a Netflix & Hulu addiction and am a self-confessed cat lady.

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