Keurig and The Keurig Mini Recall

Before my move I noticed that my Keurig was very loud, taking longer to brew, and the coffee was not coming out as quickly. I feared that the death of my Keurig was imminent however, to try to prevent it I cleaned out the machine with a vinegar and water (as suggested on Pinterest) and it seemed to help. This week I noticed the same things happening with my Keurig yet, more pronounced. I’m figuring that sooner, rather than later my poor Keurig is going to die on me so I had better be prepared. I’m a bear in the morning without my coffee fix seriously!

I started to price replacement machines and the only machine that is within my budget was the Keurig Mini. I had some reservations because the Keurig Mini does not have as many features as my current machine. I’ll be totally honest and say the auto-off feature is a necessity for my OCD tendencies. Ultimately, I decided to wait until after Christmas to purchase a new machine.

Now, I am so glad that I did not order this machine as a replacement because I would be out of a coffee maker for an extended time while waiting for the recall replacement solution. So, I am still on the hunt for a new coffeemaker.

Keurig Mini Coffeemaker 800

As you may have heard, there is a recall on the Keurig Mini Plus brewing systems. The recall is due to the unit overheating and spraying scalding hot water which is obviously dangerous. 

Determine if your Keurig is recalled.

  • Recall is for the model K10 brewer.
  • Sold in different colors with silver trim.
  • Have serial identification numbers beginning with 31.
  • Units were sold between 12/2009 and 7/2014.

What to do.

What is your favorite coffee maker? Do you prefer a single cup machine or one that makes a whole pot?

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