Smash*ing .. Staying Busy When It Rains

This morning after Kidlet was picked up for her weekend with her dad the weather turned and it became really grey & rainy so, to avoid going back to sleep all day I decided to break out my Smash*Books and this is what I did.

About me Smash*Book: Parisian Dreams

This one uses various printed pictures of Paris found online, printable tickets from Uprintables, 7 Gypsies paper tape & some K&Company ephemera.

Things I Did Smash*Book: I saw a play with my cousin that her daughter starred in

This uses my ticket & show program, a photo I printed at Wally World, Martha Stewart decorative tape & card stock stickers.

When do you usually Smash*Book?


I am a widow, mom, and college graduate in her mid-thirties looking for a simpler life since my nest has become empty. I love reading smutty romance novels on my Kindle, have a Netflix & Hulu addiction and am a self-confessed cat lady.

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