Summer Fun For Families

Summer Fun

Summer Fun at the Beach

What do you hear in the summer? Are the sounds of restless children and aggravated adults echoing through your home? To combat this problem, my household tries to do free summer activities at least twice per week. Usually, we will pack a large lunch with plenty of food for a meal plus snacks and plenty of water often times for an entire day. Our favorite activities include; going to the beach, going to the library (and enjoying some air conditioning), free movies at the park, and hiking in our local parks. Even the simplest things as a change of scenery seem to help the restlessness.

Local Summer Fun

  • Check with your city or town to see if they offer any free or low cost activities. My city offers free weekly movies at both a local beach & park, free concerts (usually classical or jazz) in the same locations along with a separate “Party in the Park” for $5 per person with well known bands of all genres that are open for all ages.
  • Go to a location that is slightly different than you would usually go to. For example, I have a beach 15 minutes away from my house so we usually go there. However, last week we went to a beach that is about 45 minutes away at a state park that we never go to. Just going to a different location made a beach trip completely different and more fun.
  • Spend a day soaking up knowledge (and air conditioning) at the library. If you live in an urban area like I do, it can be fun to pack a lunch, hang out at the library and then explore the surrounding neighborhood. Also, most libraries offer summer activities and reading programs (with prizes yay!) that children can participate in.

So what do you do for fun during the summer (or anytime really) that is free or low cost?



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