T Minus 10 Days and Counting

My first thought upon waking this morning was “OMG! I only have 10 more days until I leave for Kentucky & 11 more days until I see Jenn”. It still does’t seem quite real that I am going (it never does really) but, while I purchased my tickets months ago, and I have been slowly pre-packing my bag It still feels as though it just snuck up on me. I still have last minute things to buy like dramamine, Benadryl and travel snacks, last minute planning about Kidlet’s schedule, instructions to write out for turtle, and tomato & basil plant care and probably a million other things to do to gah!

What I have been doing though this past week is getting the SN@P binder for my travel album ready, and a to go craft kit together. In the past I have used my Smashbook to document my travels to Kentucky after I got home and while I still plan on doing that for larger pieces of memorabilia that I bring home, I wanted to do an album just for this trip. I originally had the idea of making a daybook like I did for my trip to Boston last year but, I knew I wanted to try something a little different, perhaps easier to create this time around.

Here are the supplies I purchased:

Simple Stories:

  • Brown SN@P Binder
  • 3×4 Snappy Days Sn@p Cards
  • 3×4 Snappy Sayings Sn@p Cards
  • 3×4 Fill in the Blanks Sn@p Cards
  • 4×6 Life Sn@p Cards
  • Urban Traveler Sn@p Cards (16 4×6, 16 3×4)
  • Urban Traveler Layered Stickers
  • Urban Traveler 12×12 papers (1 each design)
  • Urban Traveler Sn@p Pockets
  • Urban Traveler Fundamentals Cardstock Stickers
  • Sn@p Pocket Pages (1pk each 6×6, 4×6, 3×4, Multipack)

My first SN@P Binder

What I have added to my to go kit:


SN@P on the go!

  •  5 various rolls of washi
  • American Crafts Precision Pens & Metallic Markers
  • Sn@p Cards
  • Extra Sn@p Pockets (multipack)
  • Sn@p Layered Stickers
  • Various 2×8, 3×4, 4×4 & 4×6 pieces of cardstock cut from the 12×12 Urban Traveler paper & my stash
  • Elmer’s glue tape & quick dry glue
  • Of course my Sn@p Binder

Also, in preparation I went ahead and typed up some of the things I already wanted to say about the trip and printed it onto the journaling cards using a template that I created in word because my handwriting is too big & bubbly for getting everything I wanted to say to fit.


Printing journaling on 3×4 and 4×6 cards.

So that is what I am using for my upcoming trip album. I am excited not only for my trip but, also because I finally figured out how to print on journaling cards and really it super simple using Word. Perhaps I will do a video tutorial on it for anyone who would like to know how to do it.

Oh! I forgot to tell you that I prefilled all of the pockets with journal & filler cards, and I will be printing out my planner pages that you can download here to jot things down while I am out and about. I will also be using the Picstitch & Walgreens apps to get cheap fast printing done while I am on my trip.

I am a widow, mom, and college graduate in her mid-thirties looking for a simpler life since my nest has become empty. I love reading smutty romance novels on my Kindle, have a Netflix & Hulu addiction and am a self-confessed cat lady.


  1. Kimberly James aka SamsSissy

    I just went on a 2 week vacation and felt the same as you. I bought my tix in February and thought the trip time would never get here and then 2 weeks before I felt like it was crunch time. I thought I would never get everything done. Of course it doesn’t matter if you don’t because you still are going, ready or not.
    I do love how well thought out and prepared your Snap book is. It will make documenting your trip fun instead of a chore. I wish I had done this. I have been home a week and still haven’t gone through my pics.
    I hope you have a great trip and look forward to seeing your book finished.
    Also, I would definitely like a tutorial on how you did your journal cards.

  2. Katie

    I love your cover! I’m using the same collection and binder to make a travel album too. I’ve already gone on my trip and I’ll be very interested to see how yours turns out. I hope you’ll share more afterward!
    Katie recently posted…Project LIfe 2013: Week of March 24-30 + Easter SundayMy Profile

  3. Emma

    I love how organised you are! I’ve been trying to side whether to smash or use snap for my summer holiday I’m already going to use the red Snap folder for my Disney trip. great blog!


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